Human Resource Outsourcing

Human resource specialist with a human resource solution

A human resource outsource solution can solve your human resource issues. Why manage it yourself when you can outsource human resources and partner with a strategic human resources management organization.  DAS can help meet this need.

Finding and managing the best employees is a time-consuming task that can sometimes be a business’ biggest challenge. With an overwhelming abundance of human resources laws and regulations on the books, the task of selecting, training, and managing staff can be very demanding. You need the expertise, knowledge, training services, and resources that only an experienced human resources outsourcing firm can provide.

Because your business must remain in compliance with federal and state employment laws like FLSA, FMLA, EEOC, and I-9 regulations, the human resources professionals you retain must be proficient in all aspects of these laws and their proper administration

A Professional Employer Organization’s (PEO) primary responsibility to its clients is to help manage the many pressing personnel issues a company faces, while providing reliable human resources services that are cost-effective and efficient.

These human resource outsourcing organizations and professionals offer turnkey solutions in areas vital to the success of your business.

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