Employee Benefit Plans – Retirement

Employee benefits programs, retirement benefit plans, business retirement plans

Employee benefits programs, retirement benefit plans, and business retirement plans for your business is mandatory for retention of talent.  Whether you are looking for a 401K retirement plan or other retirement plan types, DAS can help navigate the options.

The business world is experiencing tremendous change. Whether you’d like to set up an employee retirement plan or an affordable healthcare plan that will work with the sweeping changes of healthcare reform, you need talented experts on your side to help you shape your company’s plan for benefits and coverage.

There are many regulations and laws in place that will change the way companies do business. These laws and regulations make it necessary and prudent to enlist the services of a benefits professional.

A qualified benefits professional can help you find ways to offset your costs, get credit for employer contributions, reduce the red tape and retain good employees. As an individual, there are also many choices and decisions to make when it comes to selecting the right plan for you and your loved ones.  Your choice will depend upon many individual factors, and on how you’d like to spend your retirement.

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