Asset Based Lending

Asset financing through an asset loan or collateral business loan

Asset financing through an asset loan or collateral business loan.  DAS can help you with short term business finance, or a long term asset based finance solution.  We will find the right asset backed lending option that is right for you.

Asset–based lending professionals and solutions are designed to address a variety of industry and financial needs.

The practice of asset-based lending refers to loans that can be secured by a wide variety of assets. You’ll receive an assessment of all of the assets of your company, including the liquid, current assets, accounts receivable and inventory, plus the fixed assets of your business, like your physical plant, property, and equipment as collateral.

In the current economy, your company’s tangible assets can and perhaps should do more than perform their primary business function. Your assets can also work in support of your firm’s balance sheet. Tap into the flexibility of an asset-based financing system and boost the productivity of your working capital assets.

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